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By PineWood Research Station, Sep 3 2018 10:04AM

Réservez votre samedi 29 septembre ! Cold Ground au cinéma La Fauvette (Neuilly Plaisance) à 20H30 !

Les plus chanceux meurent de froid... Le nouveau film d'horreur Français COLD GROUND de Fabien Delage déchirera l'écran lors d'une soirée exceptionnelle en compagnie de l'équipe du film. Préparez vous à frissonner... Participez à l'avant-première avant la sortie DVD le 2 octobre 2018 et découvrez le film sur grand écran ! "Brillant et impitoyable !"

Recevez votre poster gratuit pendant la séance et faîtes la signer par l'équipe. Les DVD seront exceptionnellement disponibles à la vente sur place avant la sortie nationale, une occasion à ne pas manquer ! La rentrée promet d'être glaçante. Survivrez vous au froid?

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La Fauvette

21 avenue Daniel Perdrigé

Neuilly-Plaisance 93360

By PineWood Research Station, Jul 27 2018 01:14PM


Ciné2Genre et Arcadès ont fait équipe pour sortir le nouveau film d'horreur de Fabien Delage : Cold Ground.

Le digipack double DVD proposera le film en VOSTF ainsi que les bandes-annonces et le Making of de 15 minutes: Survive The Cold VOSTF (par David Tillault). Un second DVD bonus sera inclu et il contiendra pour la première fois en France le célèbre film de cryptid "The Legend of Boggy Creek" de Charles B. Pierce (1972). Sortie nationale annoncée pour fin septembre 2018. Plus d'info sur le Facebook officiel

By PineWood Research Station, Mar 7 2018 10:54AM

"A found footage creep fest!" Cold Ground is rated 7,6 on Found Footage Critic. New French retro horror flick by Fabien Delage gets a California premiere in San Fransisco on Sat.24th! Watch it on the big screen at the 2018 Unamed Footage Festival!

"Cold Ground does an amazing job of truly putting the viewer in the story. It's freezing and people are scared ... and you will feel it. You'll swear you need a jacket ... but your trembling is not from the perceived cold. The Horrorhound Weekend Film Fest (#h2f2) is very excited to announce the screening of the atmospheric French horror film Cold Ground." Freezing on March 23th-25th in Cincinnati, Ohio.

By PineWood Research Station, Dec 20 2017 04:40PM

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow ❄️ Cold Ground is listed as one of the best horror film of 2017 by Spotlight Horror! New award in December! Cold Ground was part of the BLOODSTAINED official selection. French FX artist David Scherer was nominated for BEST SFX in Shanghai.

Fear comes to Italy! New official selection at The Optical Theatre Festival! Cold Ground competes for Best Feature. Winter comes early in Napoli and Camporosso. Watch it on the big screen on Friday 22th.

Congratulations to Fabien Delage and his team for winning a gold award for BEST FEATURE at LAHC this year! Cold Ground also won big at the Top Indie Film Awards. 3 prizes for BEST FEATURE, MOST TERRIFYING & BEST FX! The movie won Best Scare and Best Sound (Guy Tourreau) at the 2017 Independent Horror Movie Awards! It was also nominated for Best Feature (Fabien Delage), Best Special Effects (David Scherer, Weixiao Xie) , Best Humor, Best Monster, and Best Gore (David Scherer)!

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By PineWood Research Station, Nov 20 2017 10:32AM

Avalanche warning! Cold Ground won Best Scare and Best Sound (Guy Tourreau) at the 2017 Independent Horror Movie Awards! It was also nominated for Best Feature (Fabien Delage), Best Special Effects (David Scherer, Weixiao Xie) , Best Humor, Best Monster, and Best Gore (David Scherer)! Congratulations to the team, the frost isn't the only thing that bites!

By PineWood Research Station, Nov 7 2017 01:09PM

November starts with a flourish. Monarch Films acquires Cold Ground for international sales! Fabien Delage's new flick is at the American Film Market (AFM - California) and (Japan).

Cold Ground is now doing the festival circuit. Redwood Creek Films is proud to announce that the movie is part of the Toronto Indie Horror Fest starting on November 8th! This month, the film has also been selected at the Top Indie Film Awards 2017, Independent Horror Movie Awards 2017, The Wayward Festival 2017 and Los Angeles Horror Competition 2017!

The lucky ones freeze to death!

By PineWood Research Station, Oct 31 2017 10:57AM

Congratulations to Fabien Delage​ and his team for winning an award at Elevation (Ireland)! The jury salutes “the extremely natural performance from the cast and a really clever script that holds your attention throughout”. Cold Ground stars Gala Besson​, Doug Rand​, Fabrice Pierre​, Phillip Schurer​, Geoffrey Blandin​ and Maura tillay. "A movie that grabs you immediately!"

By PineWood Research Station, Oct 23 2017 10:13AM

Shocktober news: Fabien Delage's new chiller premieres in Canada at Fake Flesh Film Festival next week. Book your tickets now!

"There is no better place than the Canadian Rockies to show Cold Ground in Canada, I'm so thrilled! Banff is one of my favorite places on Earth! I had the time of my life in this town, Alberta is such a great province, the landscapes are jaw-dropping. We saw so many bears while hiking to the glaciers. We even met a grizzly and were lucky enought to survive! We got stuck on such a narrow trail that we had to go down crawling, terrifying and amazing memories! I was so excited about this place that it gave me an idea for a Found Footage short. I finally shot it a few years later in Oregon and Washington states (USA) but I remember writing it in my head while climbing up to Lake Agnes. Banff National Park conjures up breathtaking scenery of turquoise-blue lakes and a panoramic sea of peaks, with wildlife minding their young next to flowing creeks. Once you've been to Banff, you can't go back to European backpacking, the landscapes suddenly sound insipid. It's an honour to show my movie in this place, I just hope it won't discourage people to hit a trail after watching Cold Ground!"

- Fabien Delage

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