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By PineWood Research Station, Aug 12 2016 05:07PM

What a hot summer, time to cool things down.

French Horror is a dish best served cold! Post production is in full swing and Redwood Creek Films plans that the movie will be completed in December 2016. Cold Ground will be ready to hit international film festivals early 2017. The French home video release is scheduled for Winter 2017.

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Harsh conditions on set: Doug Rand works on his lines before the next take.
Harsh conditions on set: Doug Rand works on his lines before the next take.

By PineWood Research Station, Aug 25 2015 12:34PM

Hey gang!

Summer was hot, it's time to freeze things off! The Redwood Creek Films team kicks off the new school year early with an exclusive picture from the set!

Shooting ended in May and post-production is about to start! The folks of Redwood Creek Films and Fright House Pictures plan a release December 2016. With Fabien Delage working on Dead Crossroads:the forbidden files TV series and the documentary Fury of the Demon - both set to be released December 2015 - the post-production of Cold Ground had to be delayed for a few month.

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Be careful what you search for...

By PineWood Research Station, Dec 24 2014 12:25PM

Redwood Creek Films, Fright House Pictures and the Cold Ground team wishes you bloody holidays! Are you dreaming of a white (and red) Christmas? Well, tonight is the night! Have you been naughty or nice? Who cares, something is coming for you tonight... And it's not Santa Claus!

Scary Xmas and a gory new year to all! And remember, the only thing worse than being lost is being hunted.

See you in 2015!

By PineWood Research Station, Dec 18 2014 03:56PM

Ho Ho Ho! Thank you all for your support!

we will keep you posted about your perks by email. In the meantime, the COLD GROUND team wishes you a creepy Xmas and a bloody new year!

The shoot starts on January 10th and it's gonna be a cold winter, up in the mountain. And the frost isn't the only thing that bites...

By guest, Dec 3 2014 09:22PM

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