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By PineWood Research Station, Oct 23 2017 10:13AM

Shocktober news: Fabien Delage's new chiller premieres in Canada at Fake Flesh Film Festival next week. Book your tickets now!

"There is no better place than the Canadian Rockies to show Cold Ground in Canada, I'm so thrilled! Banff is one of my favorite places on Earth! I had the time of my life in this town, Alberta is such a great province, the landscapes are jaw-dropping. We saw so many bears while hiking to the glaciers. We even met a grizzly and were lucky enought to survive! We got stuck on such a narrow trail that we had to go down crawling, terrifying and amazing memories! I was so excited about this place that it gave me an idea for a Found Footage short. I finally shot it a few years later in Oregon and Washington states (USA) but I remember writing it in my head while climbing up to Lake Agnes. Banff National Park conjures up breathtaking scenery of turquoise-blue lakes and a panoramic sea of peaks, with wildlife minding their young next to flowing creeks. Once you've been to Banff, you can't go back to European backpacking, the landscapes suddenly sound insipid. It's an honour to show my movie in this place, I just hope it won't discourage people to hit a trail after watching Cold Ground!"

- Fabien Delage

By PineWood Research Station, Sep 26 2017 11:57AM

Redwood Creek Films is thrilled to announce that Cold Ground will premiere in North America in October at "one of the most prestigious and anticipated horror film festivals! If you're going to enjoy a horror film festival, there is no better way than Telluride's Horror Show!"-Playback

"Telluride Horror Show is dedicated to scouting out the next generation of horror talent"-Westword

Will you be bold enough to attend the screening?

Don't miss COLD GROUND next month, book your tickets now!

October 13-15, 2017 | Telluride, CO

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